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The group Dawes, led by Taylor Goldsmith, electrified several hundred fans at the Friday free-at-noon concert. Goldsmith saluted WXPN and local fans for having fueled the band’s success. an audio link to the concert is here and, for the first time, a webcast of the free-at-noon will be up in about a week (dawes).   […]

Actor, director, writer and now recording artist Tim Robbins performed with his Rogues Gallery Band at WXPN’s free at noon concert at World Cafe Live on Friday, 7/29/11. The music was good and the band seemed jubilant, genuinely enjoying the performance and the robust welcome provided by more than 200 in the audience. The Rogues […]

Garland Jeffreys, Rolling Stone magazine’s new artist of the year in 1977, has a new CD out and a concert tour to promote it. He put on a smooth nine-song show 6/24/11 before more than 200 people at the WXPN free-at-noon concert at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. The crowd reacted warmly if not wildly […]

Allison Moorer seduced the lunchtime crowd at WXPN’s Free at Noon concert on Friday — not bad for a woman who noted with considerable humor that she is eight months pregnant.¬† She said balancing a guitar on her belly was like balancing a 2-by-4 on a basketball, and that while many pregnant women revel in […]

Sharon Little belts out “The Fever” during a 60th-birthday tribute to Bruce Springsteen on Wednesday night at World Cafe Live, Philadelphia. The concert featured locally-based musicians covering Springsteen songs, which they did with great style and devotion, repeatedly sending the hundreds of guests into Bruce-worthy waves of elation. The performers played as if Springsteen himself […]

Steve Forbert has a new recording, “The Place And The Time.” He performed tunes from it, as well as old favorites, at World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, on April 24, 2009.

Local boys Kevin & Michael Bacon played a 40-minute noontime concert at World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, on Friday. The sell-out crowd (can you have a sell-out at a free concert?) ate from their hands and especially liked¬† “New Year’s Day,” a salute to Mummerdom with the line “I was born the son of a Mummer.” […]