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Nothing like being 3 years old and  mixing water and mud on a warm summer day. Advertisements

This really looks bad — as if Pennsylvania doesn’t realize it’s built a state park on Home Depot property in Levittown.  Also at odds with the wholesomeness of a bike trail is the authoritative-looking sex sign where the path passes under a bridge on the edge of Morrisville, Pa., across the Delaware River from Trenton, […]

Skiers glide into the downtown area of Narberth, Pa., transformed by the second of two back-to-back snowstorms into a charming alpine village, complete with patisserie and apres-ski pubs. By day’s end, more than a foot of snow had fallen, on top of more than two feet from the previous weekend.

Handsome bucks


Two suburban Philadelphia bucks pause to ponder a primate squatted on a path about 50 yards away. They should be grateful they don’t live in Valley Forge National Historical Park, where more than 1,000 deer are scheduled to be destroyed in the next few years, prompting a lawsuit this week by animals-rights groups that say […]

Halloween decorating thrives in city and suburb, but people who don’t stray outside the urban limits might be surprised to see the competitive yard decor in rural areas. The canvas is bigger; a witch on a front door doesn’t fly far in making a holiday statement. But if you can incorporate a little off-color humor […]

Formula for a Memorial Day weekend smoked chicken: Fire up coals, drop on wet mesquite, add lid — then remove.

Mounted game acts as colorguard on one wall of The Point Barn, a dense potpourri of antiques, furniture, household items, curiosities and collectibles in Northumberland, Pa., on Memorial Day weekend 2009. The barn is in north-central Pennsylvania, four miles south of Danville on Pa. Route 11.

A pair of early-rising runners crest an incline on a gravel road north of Millville, in northeastern Pennsylvania, on one of the final days of summer 2008.

In a sense, it was to get to the other side of a dispute. The Flight 93 National Memorial near Shanksville, Pa., draws about 100 people an hour during the day, according to a security guard at the site on Saturday, Aug. 9, 2008, about two weeks after the memorial shifted locations. The site pays […]