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The group Dawes, led by Taylor Goldsmith, electrified several hundred fans at the Friday free-at-noon concert. Goldsmith saluted WXPN and local fans for having fueled the band’s success. an audio link to the concert is here and, for the first time, a webcast of the free-at-noon will be up in about a week (dawes).   […]

Actor, director, writer and now recording artist Tim Robbins performed with his Rogues Gallery Band at WXPN’s free at noon concert at World Cafe Live on Friday, 7/29/11. The music was good and the band seemed jubilant, genuinely enjoying the performance and the robust welcome provided by more than 200 in the audience. The Rogues […]

Garland Jeffreys, Rolling Stone magazine’s new artist of the year in 1977, has a new CD out and a concert tour to promote it. He put on a smooth nine-song show 6/24/11 before more than 200 people at the WXPN free-at-noon concert at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. The crowd reacted warmly if not wildly […]

Singer-songwriter Josh Ritter plays with the unbridled exuberance of someone who loves what he does and feels his life is in the right place at the right time. Friday that place was World Cafe Live at WXPN radio in Philadelphia, where several hundred people gathered for the weekly free-at-noon concert. The performance is posted on […]

Allison Moorer seduced the lunchtime crowd at WXPN’s Free at Noon concert on Friday — not bad for a woman who noted with considerable humor that she is eight months pregnant.¬† She said balancing a guitar on her belly was like balancing a 2-by-4 on a basketball, and that while many pregnant women revel in […]

Local boys Kevin & Michael Bacon played a 40-minute noontime concert at World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, on Friday. The sell-out crowd (can you have a sell-out at a free concert?) ate from their hands and especially liked¬† “New Year’s Day,” a salute to Mummerdom with the line “I was born the son of a Mummer.” […]