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Nationals Park in D.C. opened in 2008;  this was my first visit, Saturday, 4/27/13. Nats beat the Reds 6-3 on a gorgeous day. The park seats 41,546 for baseball. Paid attendance this day was 38,903. It falls well short of Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia for atmosphere, though it has its strengths.  There wasn’t nearly […]

Philadelphia’s St. Patrick’s Day parade stepped off at noon on Sunday, March 10, 2013, beginning at 16th and the Franklin Parkway and extending toward Eakin’s Oval and the Art Museum, where a TV camera beamed performances from a staging area.  The parade usually is held on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day. But on years when […]

The 2013 ice harvest is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 16, having been postponed in January because the ice was not thick enough.  The very cold weather of late January bodes well for ice harvesters, although weather in the first two weeks of February will ultimately determine whether the festival is held this year.   The 2012 […]

On the first day of a 3-day stay in mid-January 2012 at the Amara Resort in Uptown Sedona, Arizona, I came across a Mandarin duck pair sharing nearby Oak Creek with a few dozen mallards and wood ducks. On the second day at the same location was a second Mandarin couple. I find online photos […]

C’mon, should characters from “The Matrix” be allowed to take part in marathons? This runner in Phoenix on 1/15/12 looks suspiciously like Agent Smith.

There’s something magical about the fountain at Seattle Center — kids and adults alike are drawn to its playful jets of water. On this day, at this angle, a rainbow appeared, seeming to build a sharp dividing line between fantasy and the real world on the outside.

Tim Rogers, lead singer of the Australian group You Am I, was vulgar, frenetic and the total crowd-pleaser as he at times channeled Jagger on day 3 of the Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle.

She Hates Me


Kevin Sullivan, guitarist in She Hates Me, performing in Collingswood, N.J., on Aug. 21, 2011. This duo has a seductive nonchalance seasoned with simmering chip-on-the-shoulder snarling toward the audience and each other. McGill’s vocals and Sullivan’s guitar work gave zing to wide range of standards, and the blend of resentment and humor in their between-song […]

I’ve always liked being passed on the highway by a vehicle in which the front-seat passenger, usually a woman, has a bare foot or two resting against the dashboard. It conveys relaxation and sense of well-being, that all’s well on the road. Not so this shot of a passing pickup on a main street in […]

Nothing like being 3 years old and  mixing water and mud on a warm summer day.