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A friend posted on Facebook this tourism photo of Big Ben, singing the praises of London but raising a question: Was that the real color of the sky or had it been tampered with for dramatic effect? I wanted to believe it was real but wasn’t sure.  Judging by the time showing on the clock, […]

This natural medicines — medicina verde — pharmacy in Granada, Nicaragua, has an unusual behind-the-counter item — a parked car.  The remedies behind the glass were more routine, for digestive, nervous and other disorders.

The horse-drawn carriages that line one edge of the central square in Granada, Nicaragua, are a popular way to tour the colonial town, and tourists are usually the ones admiring the horses. But this whacked-out local resident, bottle in hand, spent a couple of minutes considering a Vulcan mind-meld with this pair, to the consternation […]

Tide’s up on a Sunday morning in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

Salad Jet Set


First meal after reaching French soil, in Nantes, just across the castle moat at Le Pont Levis. It was on menu as “Salad Jet Set,” which the waiter pronounced as Jit Set: tiny sweet mussels, lettuce, tartine tapenade, sun-dried tomato, melon soaked in anis, grapefruit slices, ham, olives, bread. It was a nice cure for […]

Flip-flops in hand, a boy floats above the sand during a dash across Ostional Beach, Nicaragua, February 2008. The thought of Nicaragua’s heat just might make temperatures in the teens more tolerable.

Syringes and inhalators used to treat various conditions are part of the “Living and Dying” exhibit in the British Museum’s Wellcome Trust Gallery, Room 24.  “The displays consider different approaches to averting illness, danger and trouble . . . “



A muscular column in front of the British Museum provides a backdrop for a smoky exhalation, backlit by the morning sun earlier this month in London.

The British Museum has its share of modern art, too, including “Mask II,” by Ron Mueck, part of an exhibit on how we live, packed with photos and mixed media on everything from birth to death, celebration to illness.

In London, even the double-decker buses have a fashion-forward design that makes you think future despite the pull of the city’s past.