Almost full


Almost-full moon over Lower Merion Township, Pa., July 13, 2011

nearly full moon from narberth, pa., July 13, 2011Almost-full moon plays tag with scattered clouds late on the night of July 13, 2011, above Narberth, Pa. Moments later the clouds had passed and the moon was on its own. Moon shots are tricky because if you expose to tame the moon’s bright surface, you lose the shadowy surrounding details. If you expose for the surroundings, the moon surface is overexposed, as is the case here. I shot both ways and tried laying the sharp moon atop the bright, but doing so resulted in a pretty unrealistic image. This shot came closest to the real appearance. With a tripod and more time you could get a happier medium. But for a hand-held quickie, this worked OK.

I had to wonder if the man in the moon was bummed that the U.S. manned space program now has its shaky sites on Mars — putting the moon behind it — or if he was thinking good riddance.


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