Feels Fuzzy Inside


ana hernandez, russell mahoney art on the move, schuylkill banks
Russell Mahoney, Ana Hernandez construction at Art in the OpenArtist Russell Mahoney (right) pushes a bench-mounted dyed-burlap and security-fence artwork  that he and collaborator Ana Hernandez constructed along the Schuylkill during a four-day riverside outdoor art event that ended Sunday afternoon, assisted by friend Josh Warner (left) and apprentice Adrian Robvoss. Asked what it was called, Mahoney said the best suggestion he’d heard was “Feels Fuzzy Inside.” a final shot before the Art in the Open construction is moved.Children and other passers-by contributed to work on the construction, which was wheeled up the Schuylkill Banks trail en route to the Painted Bride Art Center, where work from about 40 artists in the Art in the Open program will appear in a June 18-July 5 sale exhibit.


One Response to “Feels Fuzzy Inside”

  1. 1 Russell

    very nice – I guess that’s the name… looks good written!

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