Pamela does Rite Aid


Pamela Anderson dropped in on Rite Aid stores in Narberth  and Ardmore, Pa., on Saturday, surely the most glamor those shops have ever seen. She signed autographs and had her picture taken with purchasers of her new perfume line, called Malibu by Pamela Anderson.  I’ve frequented both these stores for more than 15 years and can’t remember ever seeing any employee who looked like a top-tier manager. But for her visit, curt managers and security people swarmed the stores like it was the president visiting and they were Secret Service.  Besides the front-line employees, who were bemused by the whole thing, the aisles were covered with local managers in coats and ties, corporate managers in coats and ties, large men in coats and ties who appeared to be corporate Rite Aid security people (or maybe “hired guns”), and Anderson’s phalanx of attendants, including large men with coats but no ties. Some of these guys herded people with such gravity that it was comical.  By contrast, the Narberth and Lower Merion police officers on hand were a breath of fresh air.

For an actress who is 42 years old, I found it surprising how many kids turned out for her, including prepubescent boys.  Maybe I’ve forgotten how pinups like Sophia Loren and Bridget Bardot were well into their 30s by the time they wowed me in junior high.

Still, I was taken aback by how a quartet of boys I later met in downtown Narberth seemed to be enthusiastic fans of Anderson. They looked to be about 12 and told me they had missed the late-morning appearance because they had overslept. When I told them I had photos of Anderson in my camera, they clamored to see them.  One kid asked if I’d e-mail a shot to him. When I demurred and said his parents wouldn’t appreciate that, he didn’t blink — he offered to create a new, anonymous e-mail address so his parents didn’t spot the shot.

Anderson would be flattered.

2 Responses to “Pamela does Rite Aid”

  1. 1 JB

    Are the guys Rite-Aid managers or her security guards? In any case, not one of them is looking at her face 🙂

    • 2 groffoto

      in these two photos, the most visible guys are her security. they did not smile. perhaps looking at her would be a distraction. (don’t tell kevin costner.)

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