Ambitious cat


White cat stalking heron along Manayunk canal, Philadelphia.
A cat with attitude stalks a great blue heron along Manayunk canal in Philadelphia on Monday morning. When the cat got too close, the bird flew off with a deep, loud cry that seemed to say, What chutzpa.


2 Responses to “Ambitious cat”

  1. 1 John Brumfield

    Yo Don, Back in the day this woulda been the perfect shot for the “Miscellany” page of Life magazine. Last page in the mag; always had an interesting, oddball or otherwise captivating image that would linger in the mind for days afterwards. Some of `em I still remember.

  2. 2 groffoto

    john, you’re right, and i remember those pages well. bring back Life magazine! oh, wait, they did bring it back — and it’s gone again.

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