Beak to the bark


Red-tailed hawk, beak to bark
Red-tailed hawk with eye of tigerRed-tailed hawk takes off, prey in clawA red-tailed hawk appears to be nosing around a branch, but obscured in the crook of the branch rested the real object of his attention: the limp body of a squirrel.  The hawk snatched the unlucky rodent from the grassy median of Concourse Drive, near the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park. After delivering the coup de grace in one tree, the red-tail flew across busy Belmont Avenue to this tree to continue his late-afternoon meal.

2 Responses to “Beak to the bark”

  1. 1 Lesly Attarian

    If you look at the dome of Memorial Hall each day at around 3 pm you will see our resident redtail!

  2. 2 groffoto

    thanks for the head-up. any idea whether the resident red-tail is a male or female?

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