2009 arrives with a strut


Mummer aliens
Aliens armed with banjo, bass and saxophone?  It could only be the Mummers Parade, held each Jan. 1 in Philadelphia. This was the 109th year for the parade, which was shortened by the city’s budget pressures, but even so ran for most of the day.
Mummers - piratesMummers - Egyptian blue faceMummers -gator


2 Responses to “2009 arrives with a strut”

  1. Mummers! I remember when Boris Karloff player the Mummer in the movies. Then that Brendon Fraser guy fought Mummers. Messy lot. Egyptologists study mummers from Ancient Egypt. Kid Tut was a famous rapper from Philly who was also a mummer.

  2. 2 Jerry Haines

    No, a mummER is one who mumms. The one to whom the mumming is done is the mummEE. Your examples all are people what have been mummed.

    And King Tut was not from Philadelphia but born in Arizona; moved to Babylonia.

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