Booze run


Narberth liquor store fire call
A fire call from the state liquor store in Narberth, Pa., gets a fast response from firefighters on Feb. 13, 2008. An electrical problem caused a small amount of smoke in the rear of the store, and least four fire trucks responded from Narberth Fire Company — located a couple blocks away — and the Union Fire Association of Bala Cynwyd-Merion. The store was closed for about 20 minutes starting at 7 p.m. As the firefighters exited, customers stepped in and business returned to normal.


One Response to “Booze run”

  1. 1 thehostess

    I live in Narberth…next to the theater that’s my favorite place to hang out. Glad to see that everything is back to normal. They did just update the store to put in one of those “humidor” sections for the imports. Hope all the expensive wine is OK for my next dinner party. Plan on posting a link to this on my blog (I’ve got a running theme about Narberth that mentions the liquor store-Narberth Crazy Magnet) Thanks for the update. And I will say…Narberth’s police and firefighter’s are always very quick to respond…we live in a good town and you take beautiful photos…

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